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Radiology Professor Giovanna Casola Recognized with Society of Abdominal Radiology Gold Medal

The Surprising Secrets of Our Motivation


Taxing Women’s Bodies

Academia Europaea Recognizes Gene Yeo with the Inaugural Sydney Brenner Medal

Michael J. Fox Foundation Selects UC San Diego as Site for Parkinson’s Fellowship


UC San Diego Scientists Awarded Young Investigator Grants

New Study Explores Why Alzheimer’s is Worse for Women

UC San Diego Included in NIH Multi-Omics for Health and Disease Consortium


$100K Award Supports Human Milk and Infectious Disease Research

UC San Diego Launches New Clinical Trial for Anorexia Nervosa


UC San Diego Launches Enrollment for NIH’s HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study

AI Identifies SMaRT Genes That Can Predict Disease Outcomes


Grant Funds Creation of California Center for HIV Syndemic Policy Research

Robert K. Naviaux Receives United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation’s Vanguard Award

Researchers Use Unusual Enzyme as Vaccine Against Deadly Bacterial Infection


UC San Diego Health Sciences Researchers Named Among the Best in Medicine

New Diagnostic Imaging Tool Monitors Fate of Cell Therapies in Cancer Patients

Dr. Zea Borok, Chair of Medicine Accepts the 2023 ATS J. Burns Amberson Award


Are Skeletal Muscles the Key to Treating Heart Failure?

School of Medicine Student Receives META Fellowship to Study Social Media, Mental Health


What’s the Harm in High-Iron Baby Formula?

An Alternate Explanation


Meet the Entrepreneur and Physician-Scientist in Training: Greg Sepich-Poore

Shining a Light on a Very Rare Neurological Condition

Modeling the Grammar of Genomes

Cherqui Honored for Pioneering Gene Therapy Research

Self-Reporting Adolescent Drug Use is Either Hide or Hair


The Mental State of Asian Californians in a State of Diversity

New Findings Suggest We Don’t Know the Whole Story on Sponges

These Compounds are Crystal Clear


A Day for the 'Silent Thief of Sight'

The Promise of a Universal Flu Vaccine, Writ Small

The Haze of War

Walking Away From Dementia Risk — at a Brisk Pace

Mixing Magnetic and Behavior Therapies to Treat Suicidal Ideation

Social Needs Intervention Research Found Wanting

Nail Polish Safety Not Cut and Dried

Stopping Cancer at the Start: Looking for New Drugs to Block Tumor Initiation

Science in Pictures: Roger Tsien and Some Light Reading

Before Menopause, there can be Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Can Marine Plankton Help Predict Human Health?

Why Diabetes Patients Should Be Screened for Liver Disease

Natural Killer Cells Could be a Super Natural Remedy