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Cherqui Honored for Pioneering Gene Therapy Research

Stephanie Cherqui was named one of the top women in academic entrepreneurship by BIOS for her pioneering work in treating genetic disorders using stem cells and gene therapy. UC San Diego Health Sciences

With a nod perhaps to International Women’s Day, BIOS, an online news site covering developments in the biotechnology and life sciences communities, recently posted a new “Beaker List,” celebrating “top women in academic entrepreneurship.”

Among those noted: Stephanie Cherqui, PhD, professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine. Cherqui was celebrated for her pioneering work in understanding and treating cystinosis and more broadly, leveraging the therapeutic use of stem cells and gene therapy for a host of genetic disorders.

She is currently developing the first stem cell gene therapy clinical trial for cystinosis at UC San Diego.

Scott LaFee