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Taxing Women’s Bodies


Academia Europaea Recognizes Gene Yeo with the Inaugural Sydney Brenner Medal


Michael J. Fox Foundation Selects UC San Diego as Site for Parkinson’s Fellowship

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UC San Diego Scientists Awarded Young Investigator Grants

Five scientists from University of California San Diego we recently awarded the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) Young Investigator...

New Study Explores Why Alzheimer’s is Worse for Women

Researchers from University of California San Diego have received $5.2 million from the National Institutes of Health to study brain changes in...

UC San Diego Included in NIH Multi-Omics for Health and Disease Consortium

Researchers at UC San Diego have been included in the Multi-Omics for Health and Disease Consortium, a $50.3 million NIH initiative to develop...

$100K Award Supports Human Milk and Infectious Disease Research

The PREPARE Institute and the Human Milk Institute (HMI), recently partnered to award $100,000 in funding towards a developmental grant created to...

UC San Diego Launches New Clinical Trial for Anorexia Nervosa

Supported by a gift from Baszucki Group, a new clinical trial will test the safety and efficacy of the ketogenic diet for preventing relapse in...

UC San Diego Launches Enrollment for NIH’s HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study

The UC San Diego Center for Human Development has begun enrolling participants in the largest long-term study of early brain and child development...

AI Identifies SMaRT Genes That Can Predict Disease Outcomes

Macrophages are immune cells that look and act very differently in different parts of the body and in different diseases. Researchers at UC San...

Grant Funds Creation of California Center for HIV Syndemic Policy Research

Grant-funded California Center for HIV Syndemic Policy Research aims to bridge gap between policies and interventions to address HIV inequities at...

Robert K. Naviaux Receives United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation’s Vanguard Award

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) has selected UC San Diego’s Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD, as the recipient of their...

Researchers Use Unusual Enzyme as Vaccine Against Deadly Bacterial Infection

Researchers in Victor Nizet’s lab show an unusual class of enzymes, lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs), can be used as a vaccine to...

UC San Diego Health Sciences Researchers Named Among the Best in Medicine

Researchers from University of California San Diego were recently named among the best in medicine.

New Diagnostic Imaging Tool Monitors Fate of Cell Therapies in Cancer Patients

A pilot study debuts a novel method for monitoring the survival of a cancer cell therapies in patients.

Dr. Zea Borok, Chair of Medicine Accepts the 2023 ATS J. Burns Amberson Award

UC San Diego School of Medicine professor, Dr. Zea Borok, received the American Thoracic Society J. Burns Amberson lecture award.