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UC San Diego Health Sciences Researchers Named Among the Best in Medicine

Researchers from University of California San Diego were recently named among the best in medicine by, an analytics platform that advocates for improved research quality and also ranks universities, scholarly journals and academic conferences. The rankings were created using a detailed analysis of 166,880 scholars.

One hundred and sixty-eight UC San Diego researchers were named among the world’s best medicine scientists. The rankings are based on multiple factors including a scientist's Discipline H-index. The H-index is calculated by looking at the number of publications for which an author has been cited by other authors. For this ranking, scholars must have an H-index of at least 70 meaning they have published at least 70 papers that each have been cited 70 times.  

Designed to inspire scholars, entrepreneurs and politicians worldwide, the rankings highlight the leading experts and institutions in the field of medicine research.

In addition to the best medicine list, UC San Diego researchers were also featured in other health sciences related disciplines, including biology and biochemistry (150), immunology (24), microbiology (18), neuroscience (64) and psychology (75).

Joyce Pritchett