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Faculty Compensation

HS Compensation Plan Membership

Eligible faculty are appointed with an effort of greater than fifty percent (51% or more) in the following professorial series: Professor, Professor-In-Residence, Professor of Clinical X, Adjunct Professor, Health Sciences Clinical Professor, Teaching Professor (Lecturer with Security of Employment (LSOE)), Acting Professor, and Visiting Professor.  

Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) participants should refer to their Department/School’s compensation plan for information related to compensation benefits. 

The HSCP is the policy driven plan for APM 670 and APM 671. HSCP is distinct from the clinical compensation plan reviewed annually by the Health System.

HSCP faculty are eligible to receive the base salary (X and X’) and the optional additional compensation (Y and Z) at the University. 


Base Salary (X and X’): 

  • Base salary is the approved rate on one of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan Salary Scales associated with a faculty member’s academic rank and step and Academic Program Unit (APU). Per APM 670, base salary is covered under the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) up to the amount permissible under Internal Revenue Code provisions and in accordance with UCRP policy and provisions.  

Optional University Additional Compensation (Y and Z):  

  • Negotiated additional compensation (Y): HSCP members may receive a negotiated amount of additional compensation. This component of pay is beyond the base salary and is not covered compensation for UCRP.  This compensation component is at the discretion of the Department/School’s compensation plan. 

Incentive/Bonus Compensation (Z):  

  • Plan members may receive incentive/bonus compensation. This incentive/bonus compensation is not covered compensation for UCRP. This compensation component is at the discretion of the Department’s compensation plan and is not guaranteed. 


The following table provides an overview of the different salary components and what benefits are included/affected: 



Click here to view the current Salary Scales.


FTE Allocations

In the Health Sciences at UC San Diego, some faculty may be supported by partial FTE allocations. Occasionally, departments may have additional FTE allocations that they wish to allocate to Health Sciences faculty. Internal recruitment processes are required as part of the allocation process. Once the internal search is complete, an abbreviated file is prepared and submitted for review and approval. File materials will include: Updated Bio bib and publications, teaching evaluations since last review, ad hoc report (if any), Candidate’s Request, Certifications 1A, and 2, a Departmental Recommendation Letter with faculty vote in accordance with Senate and Departmental voting bylaws, and an employment history/summary form. 


Health Sciences faculty are members of the HSCP if they hold a University appointment at 51% or greater, in any of the following salaried professorial series titles: Professor, Professor in Residence, Professor of Clinical X (e.g., Medicine), Adjunct Professor, Acting Professor, Clinical Professor, Visiting Professor, Health Sciences School Dean titles and any other title series approved for membership in the Plan by The Regents. Membership in the Plan is a term and condition of employment.

HSCP Information