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For Faculty & Academics

Faculty & Academics

The Office of the Vice Chancellor Health Sciences Academic Affairs is responsible for faculty & academics personnel actions including the formal academic review process and compensation. Within this section you will find applicable resources for the academic review process, compensation, etc.  


Important Academic Review process information, policies, and timelines

About Faculty

Academic Researchers

Relevant appointment and bargaining unit information

About Academic Researchers

Emeritus & Recall

Relevant information for post-retirement actions and return to active duty

About Emeritus & Recall

Professor of Practice

Appointment information for distinguished professionals providing a service to the university

About Professor of Practice

Voluntary & Non-Salaried Faculty

Appointment and review process information for non-salaried academics providing teaching at the UC San Diego Health

About Appointment & Review Process

Faculty Compensation

Relevant information on compensations and salary determinations

About Faculty Compensation


Policies surrounding different types of leave available to Faculty and Academics

About Leaves

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