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Faculty: Academic Review Process

The academic review process at UCSD Health Sciences is a crucial aspect of the faculty lifecycle at the University. The review process provides faculty the opportunity to provide and present evidence of achievement in each of the criteria specified for their series. It also provides the Department/School an opportunity to assess the status of each academic appointee. The Reviews team at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is available to guide faculty through all aspects of the review cycle. See contact link at bottom of page.

Career Review Actions

Normal Actions:

  • Merit advancement  
  • 4th year appraisal  
  • Promotion 
  • Merit to Step VI 
  • Merit to Above Scale 
  • Further Above Scale Merit advancement

Other Actions:

  • No Change
  • Accelerated merit advancement or promotion

For definitions on these actions and normative periods of review, please see PPM 230 and APM for your series.

Timing depending on rank 

At the Assistant or Associate rank, the normal review cycle is every two years. If you are at the Full rank, a review cycle is every three years. At Step IX or higher, review occurs every four years.  The effective date for every review action is July 1. 

Steps and Promotion

Step - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >


Faculty at the Assistant rank will need to be mindful of the “8-year clock”—the requirement to promote before the end of their first eight years at UCSD.  

APM - 133: Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles

The Review Process 



The many layers of the review process necessitate that the Reviews team starts their work as far in advance as possible.  Depending on your department and action, your file may pass through as many as eight layers of review. 

If there are questions at any point in the process, please reach out to the analyst for an update. ARC Review analysts’ contact information here.

If the analyst is unknown, or if a review case is not currently open, please reach out to ARC at