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Professor of Practice

Appointees in the Professor of Practice series are distinguished professionals, either practicing or retired, with specific expertise in their fields, but without traditional academic backgrounds. They contribute primarily to teaching and/or research programs, with service to the University based upon their practical professional experience. An appointment file is required, including the BioBib, and external letters or other evidence of the individual’s reputation. 


Terms of Service:  

A faculty in the Professor of Practice series may serve full-time or part-time, and with or without salary.  They are typically appointed at 50% time or less.  If serving at 50% time or more, they may serve a maximum of six (6) consecutive years in the series. 

A Visiting Professor of Practice title is also possible, and may be made for a period of up to one year, with the total period of service in the title not exceeding two (2) consecutive years.