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Emeritus & Recall Faculty

This page is intended to provide relevant information on the Emeritus honorary appointment and eligibility as well as requirements and parameters of a recall or return to active duty (RTAD) appointment. 

Emeritus for Academic Appointees Process

The title suffix Emerita/Emeritus shall be conferred upon retirement, on every Professor and Associate Professor (Ladder Rank Series).  Upon recommendation of the Academic Senate, the title suffix Emerita/Emeritus for positions held at the time of retirement may be conferred, upon retirement, on members of the Academic Senate and Non-Senate faculty who meet specific criteria established, per APM 120, including:  

  • At least ten (10) years of University Service  
  • Attainment of the highest rank in the individual’s title series, and
  • Evidence of noteworthy and meritorious contributions to the educational mission and programs of the University  

A memo to request that Emerita/Emeritus designation be conferred on a retiring non-Ladder Rank Academic Senate and Non-Senate faculty must be submitted by the Department directly to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences (, and please include the most recent UC San Diego Academic Biography/Bibliography or a recent CV with your request.  If you are awaiting approval for emeriti status and you/the candidate is concerned about loss of email access at the time of separation, please contact your business office. You may need to contact the UCSD Postmaster directly with the request for continued access by emailing  

UCSD Emeriti Association

Recall or RTAD for Academic Appointees Process

The University of California may recall, may recall to active service (RTAD) for a term of appointment, academic appointees who have retired from the University.  Any department may recall a retired academic, no matter the home affiliation at the time of retirement (e.g., from another UC San Diego Department or School, and other UC campuses). Recall (or RTAD) appointments serve the essential academic needs and interests of the University by allowing campuses to employ retired appointees on renewable term appointments.   

For more information on the recall process, please contact your VCHS-AA analyst. Please view department/school assignments on the Staff website.


Eligibility (APM 205): Recall appointments are limited to individuals returning to an academic title who have retired from a University of California academic appointment and who receives retirement income (or have received a lump sum payout) from UCRP.  A concurrent Emeritus title is not required for retired appointees to be recalled to active service.  


Compensation for Recall - Health Sciences Compensation Plan (APM 670): A member of the faculty who was appointed in a health sciences school at the time of their retirement may be recalled to participate in the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP), and are thereby subject to the terms and conditions of the Conflict of Commitment and Outside Professional Activities policy for HSCP (APM 671). 


For more details, please visit: UCOP Guidelines for Rehire of UC Retirees & APM 205