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Joint UC/VA Appointment


A joint UC San Diego Health/Veterans Affairs (VA) San Diego Healthcare Appointment allows faculty members to have an appointment at the University and at the VA hospital. 


General Guidelines for Joint UC/VA Appointments: 

  • The VA San Diego Healthcare appointment is represented in 8ths, which is indicative of the number of hours and effort worked at the VA in a given week (e.g., 1/8th= 12.50%, or 5 hours).  
  • The maximum number of hours dual appointees can work is 60 total hours per week at both institutions. 
  • At no point can the total percentage of paid time between the two organizations exceed 150% or 60 hours per week. In addition, no time at a single organization can exceed 100% or 40 hours. 

VA Compensation: 

  • VA San Diego Healthcare and UC San Diego Health are separate legal entities.  
  • UC San Diego Health faculty working at the VA are paid through the VA payroll system for their VA compensation.  
  • VA San Diego Healthcare provides benefits based upon eligibility for time worked at VA only. 

 Click here to download a sample UC/VA Annual Faculty Letter.

For information about VA compensation, benefits, retirement, etc., go to the Contact Us page on the VA San Diego Healthcare website.