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New Appointments

This webpage provides pertinent information on how to process new appointments for faculty and academics.


Faculty & Academics

When a candidate is proposed for a salaried faculty or academic appointment at UC San Diego, a formal document preparation period commences following the completion of a recruitment. Non-Salaried faculty or academic appointments in all series are not subject to recruitment, unless and until a salary is contemplated. The determination of the appropriate series, rank, and step is under the discretion of the requesting department.  Criteria for the various series at UC San Diego can be reviewed at the following links:  


UC San Diego Specific Academic Personnel Policies

UC-wide Academic Personnel Policies  


A New Appointment case is opened by the ARC HR Analyst and assigned to an Academic Analyst following a recruitment, with a concurrent notification provided to the department. An Academic Analyst will then reach out to the candidate directly to request the necessary documents, which may include:  

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae   
  • UC San Diego Academic Biography/Bibliography (“Biobib”)   
  • Candidate Statement – Self-Assessment   
  • Evidence of Teaching, including teaching evaluation and a list of mentee contact information  
  • Referee List   
  • A representative sample of publications or other scholarly products   
  • Supplementary Materials, as needed 


Other internally prepared documents are included in the file, subject to departmental requirements. The approving authorities for new appointments vary by series and level of appointment, and may include review by departmental ad hoc committees, a department vote, and review by committees on academic personnel at the level of the School of Medicine and General Campus. The lead time for a new appointment is a minimum of 7 months.  

Non-Senate Faculty Lecturer - Unit 18 Appointment

Lecturer - Unit 18 appointments are governed by the Memorandum of Understanding. They require recruitment and an abbreviated new appointment file. Lecturer - Unit 18 New Appointments cases are initiated and assigned internally from the ARC recruitment case. Once a Unit 18 case is assigned to the New Appointment analyst, the New Appointment analyst will reach out to the candidate for materials. In cases where a recruitment is not required, Departments can initiate a Lecturer - Unit 18 appointment by submitted a request here. They require recruitment and an abbreviated new appointment file. 

Additional general information can be found here

    • Temporary Lecturers. These are individuals who have not completed 18 quarters of instruction and are being appointed to teach a course or courses. They do not hold faculty positions at UCSD, though they may hold other types of appointments at UCSD (not to exceed 100% total appointment effort at UCSD). 
    • Continuing Lecturers. These are individuals who have completed 18 quarters of instruction, completed the Excellence Review process and achieved Continuing status, and have been reappointed based on Instructional need in the appointing department. Individuals cannot be directly appointed as Continuing Lecturers. 

Forms that are used in this series can be found here.

Non-Salaried Secondary Appointment Requests

Requests for a non-salaried secondary appointment, or a non-salaried appointment for someone working outside UC San Diego, should be made through the ARC request formDepartments must provide a detailed explanation of anticipated service and teaching duties with this request. 


Due to the individualized nature of the new appointment file preparation, the time to complete the process can vary, but is, at a minimum, 7 months. Additional resources can be found here 

Questions about New Appointment actions can be submitted through the ARC request form. The New Appointments Unit at the Academic Resource Center can assist you with your changing academic needs, including Change in Series, Joint Appointments, Department Transfers, Return to Active Duty (RTAD) Recalls, and Transitional One-Year Appointments. 

The Academic Personnel Services website also provides resources on various academic personnel actions.  

New Hire Paperwork & Onboarding Information

Once your academic appointment has been approved, an HR Management Analyst within the Health Science Academic Resource Center (ARC) will reach out to the Department and the candidate to complete the onboarding steps. Additional details can be found here