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Compensation & Timekeeping

This page provides relevant information and links relevant to reading your paycheck, reporting to Ecotime/timekeeping, and navigating UCPath 

Reading Your Paycheck

Your paycheck is divided up into separate sections for Earnings, Deductions and Taxes, with Year End Tax Totals displayed near the bottom of the check.  

The Hours and Earnings section displays the Description of Earnings and the Earning Dates as well as Current Earnings and Year to Date Earning Description totals.   

As character space is limited in the Description for earnings, if you have questions on earning type, please reach out to Academic Resource Center via the ARC Service Portal 

Payroll Deductions are divided into two sections: Before Tax and After-Tax Deductions.  The employer paid benefits are displayed separately.   

Click on the link to review a sample Academic UCPath Paycheck

Reporting to Ecotime

Please review the Employee User Guide on how to report biweekly and monthly timekeeping in Ecotime.  

Navigating UCPath

For first time accessing UC Path for Academics to review why an academic would need to go to UCPath and how to use the site.  


Salary Programs and Scales

Salaries at hire or academic review are determined by each candidate’s rank and step within an academic series (based on qualifications and experience). Please go to the APS Salary Program and Scales page to see the most recent salary scale for your rank and step.