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The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is equipped to support an array of personnel transactions for faculty and academics within UCSD Health Sciences departments. Please visit the below menus to identify your desired transaction.

Audit Management

 Service  Service Description
 Data Quality & Accuracy
  • Runs routine and ad-hoc audits and reconciliation processes to ensure the accuracy and compliance of payroll and compensation data. 
  • Maintains internal compensation records (accessible through the Department Roster portal). 
 Project Management
  • Oversees timelines and execution of all salary implementations, including scale changes, FSW/Fiscal year updates, labor law changes, etc. 
  • Manages the ongoing operation of the Fund Change Form, OnlineZ, and other payroll mass upload processes.  
  • Provides subject matter guidance to other ARC units related to UC Path 
 System Enhancements
  • Recommends changes to policies and procedures for efficient workflows. Streamline and consolidate processes by leveraging mass transactions and automation. 
  • Collaborate with central offices and internally for system and operational improvements. 
  • Monitor ongoing enterprise system updates (UC Path, Ecotime) for ARC/Health Sciences impact. Provide input and representation at both the campus and system-wide level. Lead ARC testing initiatives. 

Human Resource Management

 Service  Service Description
 Voluntary/Non-Salaried Faculty File Preparation 
  • Support and guidance through the appointment process for new appointments, reappointments, and separations for non-salaried/voluntary faculty. 
  • Coordination of material collection and synthesis for appointments. 
  • Ongoing monitoring of contract end dates to ensure timely renewals. 
  • Submission and processing of files for VCHS AA review and approval.  

For new appointments, please use the New Voluntary & Non-Salaried (VONS) Teaching Appointments Request Form. 

For reappointments or separations, please use the ARC Renewal Portal. 

 Leaves (FMLA) 
  • Provide guidance and support of leave of absence requests for faculty, academics and scholars.  
  • Support the completion of required documents and process leave paperwork in addition to FMLA paperwork coordination with the HR Benefits unit.  

Note: MSP Staff Physician Leaves are managed by Health HR (HHR). Please submit a ticket to the Health HR Request Portal for more information regarding MSP Leaves. 

 Leaves (Professional Development/ Sabbatical) 
  • Provide guidance and support of Leave processes and policies.  
  • Support the completion of required documents for Development or Sabbatical.  

Visit Faculty and Academic Leaves of Absence to learn policy and additional information. 

  • Process appropriate separation paperwork (excluding issuance of layoff notice and exit interviews). 
  • Facilitate separation within the payroll system to generate final paycheck. 
  • Provide COBRA packet and other helpful emailed retiree resources and response to general separation questions. 
  • Coordinate timing for onboarding new or returning employees by providing guidance for completion of required forms, hire documents and the Federal I-9 work authorization.  
  • Submit requests generation of new Employee ID and establishment of new Email and Active Directory accounts for secure UC system's accesses.  
  • Provide general information related to benefits, required training, secure building badge issuance and other campus resources. 

Visit UCnet for a comprehensive look at UC benefits program offerings. 

 MSP Staff Physician Contract Preparation 
  • Support and guidance through the appointment process for new appointments, reappointments, and separations for MSP Staff Physician contracts. 
  • Ensuring that all required documents are included in contract requests. 
  • Ongoing monitoring of contract end dates to ensure timely renewals. 
  • Overseeing the implementation and approval process for MSP Staff Physician contracts. 

For new appointments or contract revisions, please use the New MSP Contract Appointment Request Form. 

For reappointments or separations, please use the ARC Renewal Portal. 

 Layoff/Reduction in Time (Voluntary, Involuntary) 
  • Provide guidance and support during the layoff/reduction in time process. 
  • Prepare required documents and justification in consultation with the department.  
  • Submit to central office for review/endorsement/approval. 

New Appointments

 Service  Service Description
 New Appointment for Academics 
  • Assist Departments with new appointment process for academics and faculty: 
    • Collect and synthesize candidate documents 
    • Solicit referees 
    • Route completed files for review by Departmental ad hoc committees (if required) 
    • Manage Department votes per voting guidelines 
    • Help prepare Departmental Recommendation Letters, and various memos for completed appointment actions and route for review/endorsement/approval.  
  • Additional Actions Processed: Change in Series, Departmental Transfers, 1-Year Transitional Appointments (following resignation), Allocation of FTE, Visiting Appointments 
  • The typical lead time for the new appointment process, not including the recruitment process, is 7 months. Most appointments will require a complete recruitment before initiation of the new appointment process.  

If you have a question about New Appointments please go to the ARC Service Portal. 

 Return to Active Duty (RTAD)/Recall 
  • Prepare RTAD form with required information and verify eligibility. Solicit required documents from candidate. Submit for final approval
 Visa Services 
  • Provide support and guidance for visa applications as it relates to a faculty or academic appointments.  
    • Solicit required documents from candidate and department to complete appropriate visa application to a new or continuing faculty or academic appointment.   
    • Collaborate with IFSO on visa/immigration cases.  
  • Provide general services for J-1 and H-1B applications.   
  • Process departmental requests for layoff and involuntary reduction in time in compliance with all pertinent policies.


 Service  Service Description
  • Submit faculty and academic appointment recruitments.
  • Offer guidance on forming search committees and appointing search chairs. 
  • Obtain final approval before initiating the new appointment process. 

For new recruitments and waivers, please use the New Recruitment Request Form. 

 Waiver of Recruitment
  • Submit recruitment waivers for spousal/partner, research team*, PI/Co-PI*. 
  • Obtain final approval 

*On a case-by-case basis. When possible, recruitments are recommended.

Reviews & Reappointments

 Service  Service Description
Academic Reviews (Accelerations, Career Reviews, Above-Scale, Merits) 
  • Run annual report to identify faculty and academics eligible for review and vet list with the department
  • Facilitate call for materials
  • Notify candidate of eligibility
  • Collect and synthesize documents and information
  • Consult, advise, and inform candidate and department on the academic review process
  • Facilitate solicitation of referees, division chiefs, PI letters, and mentee evaluations
  • Prepare files for department and/or department CAP/Executive Committee meetings in accordance with campus policy and procedures
  • Coordinate Department vote
  • Draft department chair letters
  • Submit completed review files to Vice Chancellor office for review/endorsement/approval
  • Work with department and candidate if request for additional information and/or preliminary recommendations differ from the department proposal prior to final action

Payroll Management

 Service  Service Description
 Fund Changes 
  • Process fund changes in the payroll system for the academic employees including faculty, non-faculty MSPs, scholars, and affiliates.
 Fiscal Year Salary Implementation  
  • Assist with the Faculty Salary Worksheets (FSW) budget process which includes audit harvested data for errors and work with departments on any needed corrections
  • Harvest the latest salary worksheets from FSW
  • Implement all the payroll entries into the payroll system for the new fiscal year (effective July 1) and take into account reappointments/renewals, merit advancements, and salary changes
  • Generate and provide salary letter templates for all the salaried faculty
 UCPATH Updates and Entries 
  • Process all payroll entries related to new/changed appointments, separations, effort changes, UC/VA adjustments, and cost-of-living adjustments (COLA).
 Z Payment 
  • Process regular monthly bonuses/incentives submitted by departments
  • Enter any other bonus/incentive payments resulting from recalculation conducted by departments
  • Assist departments with inquiries regarding submissions via OnlineZ if they submit their own incentives through the platform
 Salary Analysis 
  • Provide complete salary analysis regarding projected salary diagrams, current funding/salary status, retro adjustments and vacation accruals/payout confirmations.
  • Analysis may include past, current and projected funding, confirmation of Earn code distributions and any other related data needed to support the salary based on the departments’ needs.
  • Provide instruction on regular timekeeping functions including monthly reminders and recording/adjusting vacation/sick leave usage.


 Service  Service Description
 New Appointment for Scholars 
  • Support and guidance through the appointment process for postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, and visiting graduate students. 
  • Advice on choosing the right appointment type and immigration status. 

For new appointments, please use the applicable New Scholar Appointment Request Form. 

 Amendment & Reappointment of Scholars 
  • Proactive monitoring of scholars' eligibility for reappointment. 
  • Assistance with amending scholar appointments. 
  • Coordination and facilitation of amendment and reappointment process, liaising between the department and the scholar. 
  • Submission and processing of reappointment files for central office review and approval.

For postdoc amendments, please use the Postdoc Amendment Submission Form 

 Transition from Scholar to Academic Role 
  • Oversight of postdoctoral appointment durations for 5-year and 6-year terms. 
  • Consultation on career progression, including transition to academic roles such as project scientist, along with visa considerations. 
 Visa Services 
  • Responsive support for visa-related queries and guidance. 
  • Collection and management of necessary documentation for visa applications. 
  • Collaboration with ISEO for comprehensive immigration case handling. 
  • Monitoring and management of visa expiry dates, including J-1 and H-1B visa applications.