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Meet Our Team

Our team is committed to providing professional and timely support to faculty, academic appointees, trainees, and administrators. Whether you need assistance with hiring, academic advancement, compensation, or any other aspect of academic life-cycle management, we offer expert guidance to help you navigate with ease. 


  • Angelica Mangindin

    Angelica Mangindin

    Director, Academic Resource Center


    Angelica Mangindin is an experienced leader, currently serving as the Academic Resource Center (ARC) Director within Health Sciences Administration at UC San Diego. As the ARC Director, she oversees administrative support services for faculty, academics, scholars, trainees for Health Sciences professional schools in areas such as recruitment, appointment, academic reviews, personnel administration, and compensation. She is also a proud UCSD alumna! 

  • Kathryn Brumfield

    Kathryn Brumfield

    Supervisor, ARC Payroll Management


    Kathy Brumfield oversees the Payroll Management team at VCHS Academic Resource Center, collaborating with Supervisor Eric Pelayo to ensure streamlined support services for faculty, academics, and department liaisons, resolving escalated issues. Kathy’s leadership goal is optimal job satisfaction and high performance among the Faculty and Non-Faculty Academic Payroll Management team analysts. 

  • Jennifer Cahalan

    Jennifer Cahalan

    Supervisor, ARC New Appointments [Faculty & Academics]


    Jennifer Cahalan serves as the Interim Supervisor of the New Appointments Unit at the Academic Resource Center. She oversees new appointments, department transfers, RTADs, layoffs, visiting appointments, and visas for faculty and academics at the UC San Diego Health Sciences School of Medicine and the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science. Additionally, Jennifer consults on the New Appointment process with Department liaisons, and maintains an individual portfolio of several Departments. 

  • Nichole Loyd Janlov

    Nichole Loyd Janlov

    Supervisor, ARC Reappointments


    Nichole Loyd Janlov is responsible for supervising the Reappointments team at the Academic Resource Center. She leads efforts related to amendments, revisions, reappointments, and visa management for the Scholars, MSP, and VONS populations. For inquiries or further assistance, Nichole can be contacted at 

  • Karla Macias

    Karla Macias

    Supervisor, ARC New Appointments & Recruitments


    Karla oversees Academic Recruitment and New Appointments for the Scholars, MSP, and VONS population. She directs recruitment analysts to maintain current policies and compliance standards. Additionally, she offers leadership in appointment and visa management for these groups (Scholars, MSP, and VONS). Contact Karla at 

  • Sheila Mosley

    Sheila Mosley

    Supervisor, ARC Human Resource Management


    The HR Management Supervisor is responsible for providing policy related guidance, education, strategy, and analysis toward New and Rehire Onboarding, Internal and External Hire Transfers, Multi-Location Hires within the UC-systems, Leaves of Absence, Postdoc and Non-Salaried and Voluntary Separations within Academic Populations across the Health Sciences and Professional Schools. The HR Management Supervisor also provides benefits liaising, adherence to federal and state hiring practices, and management of personnel  document repository, as well as response to Worker’s Compensation Risk Management informational requests, Subpoena requests and One-Time Honorarium and Lecturer processing set-up for final disbursement. Sheila can be reached at:

  • Eric Pelayo

    Eric Pelayo

    Supervisor, ARC Payroll Management


    Eric Pelayo serves as one of the supervisor for the Payroll Management Unit at ARC and has worked with Faculty Compensation under ARC for the last 5 years. Within his time here he has worked in resolving cases between Faculy, MSP, Housestaff, GSR/TA, and Non-Faculty. Eric earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Management Science) at the University of California San Diego. 

  • Shannon Sloan

    Shannon Sloan

    Supervisor, ARC Reviews


    Shannon serves as the Lead Supervisor for the Reviews unit, as subject matter expert and Lead for staff with in the Reviews unit. She is independently responsible for contributing to file preparation, system information development, and coordination of various academic personnel matters for all Departments within the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health. Shannon is also in a position to counsels faculty on the academic review process and strategies in order to determine the best course of action academically to ensure the enhancement and achievement of faculty career goalsIn this role, she manages and oversees the entire Reviews team portfolio and staff workload and ensures standard operating procedures (SOP) are adhered to for quality and consistent practices. 

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