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Staff Assignments


​ACTRI ​Lauren Sanfilippo
Alzheimers (ADCS) Lauren Sanfilippo
Anesthesiology Lauren Sanfilippo
Cancer Center (includes Hem-Onc/BMT) Sanaz Masha; Stephanie Mistler(Dusso)
Cardiovascular Medicine (DOM) Alistair Khalessi
Dermatology/Peds Dermatology Alistair Khalessi
Emergency Medicine Lauren Sanfilippo
Endocrinology & Metabolism (DOM) Lauren Sanfilippo 
Family Medicine and Public Health Lauren Sanfilippo
Gastroenterology (DOM) Alistair Khalessi
Geriatrics (DOM) Alistair Khalessi 
Hematology (through DOM/non-MCC) Alistair Khalessi 
Infectious Diseases (DOM) Sanaz Masha 
Internal Medicine (DOM) Alistair Khalessi 
Medicine/Hospital Medicine (DOM) Alistair Khalessi 
Nephrology (DOM) Lauren Sanfilippo
​Neurological Surgery ​Lauren Sanfilippo
Neurosciences Sanaz Masha 
Ophthalmology Alistair Khalessi
Orthopedic Surgery Alistair Khalessi
Pathology Alistair Khalessi
Pediatrics Alistair Khalessi, Lauren Sanfilippo
Psychiatry Lauren Sanfilippo
Pulmonary (DOM) Lauren Sanfilippo 
Radiology Sanaz Masha
Regenerative Medicine (DOM) Sanaz Masha 
Reproductive Medicine Alistair Khalessi
Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology (DOM) Alistair Khalessi
School of Public Health Alistair Khalessi
Surgery ​Lauren Sanfilippo
Urology Lauren Sanfilippo

Department assignments are subject to change. Please email if you have questions about your department assignment or if your department is not listed. 

Contact information for individual OCTA staff can be found in the Contact Us section of the website. 

DOM = A Division within the department of medicine (will appear as "Medicine" in Kuali Research).