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UC San Diego Health Sciences Open Leadership Positions

UC San Diego Health Sciences is one of three academic units at UC San Diego. Health Sciences includes three professional schools (medicine, pharmacy, and public health); more than 30 research institutes; and a growing clinical practice that includes two hospitals, all working toward fulfilling the Health Sciences’ tripartite mission. Led by the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, it accounts for the majority of the University’s research and philanthropic portfolios and serves as the top healthcare system in the San Diego region. Health Sciences has more than 1,800 faculty members, 900 residents and fellows, 800 medicine and pharmacy students, 1,500 graduate students, and 1,000 undergraduate public health majors. Its academic programs rank among the best in the country for primary care and research.

Open Positions

Director, Moores Cancer Center


  • Alexandrov, Ludmil (Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
  • Borok, Zea (Chair and Professor, Department of Medicine)
  • Clary, Bryan (Chair and Professor, Surgery)
  • Corr, Maripat (Associate Dean, Health Sciences Academic Affairs)
  • Gold, Kathryn (Professor, Department of Medicine)
  • Gutkind, Silvio (Chair and Professor, Department of Pharmacology)
  • Gyamfi-Bannerman, Cynthia (Chair and Professor, Ob/Gyn & Reproductive Sciences)
  • Kane, Chris (CEO, UC San Diego Health Physician Group, Dean of Clinical Affairs)
  • Lowy, Andy (Professor and Chief, Division Of Surgical Oncology)
  • Martinez, Elena (Professor, School of Public Health)
  • Mesirov , Jill (Associate Vice Chancellor, Computational Health Sciences)
  • Mundt, AJ (Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences)
  • Pogliano, Kit (Dean, School of Biological Sciences)
  • Zhang, Dong-Er (Professor, Pathology)

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